Social Media Trends In 2023



According to Kepios, there are 4.7 billion social media users worldwide, that is 59% of the world’s population! This number will most likely grow in 2023 because the number of global social media users is expected to grow to 6 billion in 2027.

The “Top Creators of 2022”, according to Forbes, produce yearly revenues of up to $54 million. With that type of opportunity, there has never been a better time to be a content creator. Whether you’re a part time or full-time creator, the following trends can help you level up.



Social media reaches people around the globe. It’s easier than ever before to connect with like-minded individuals which enables fans to easily find a community with very specific interests and needs.  In turn, fans are looking for more specific content and topics from the creators they are following. What this means for creators is you can be more effective by targeting a specific audience rather than trying to appeal to a larger audience. Audiences are looking to really connect with you; your fans want to know and understand why they should buy that product or learn more about that topic that moves you to create.


If you want to make it big, you must make it short. Regardless of the platform, users are digging short-form videos. We all have witnessed the explosion of TikTok, and with it came the demand for short form videos. Shorter videos attract more views and rank first in engagement. The issue for creators in 2023 is how to monetize their content.

“TikTok made me buy this” absolutely took off. So many influencers and creators used this slogan to advertise the products they love to their followers through short form shopping. Platforms such as Shopify and Klarna have made it easier for creators to connect with merchants directly-and provide the opportunity to monetize their ideas quickly.

Followers can view a quick video of the product to really understand it and see how it works in just a few seconds. TikTok has added TikTokShop to target shoppers who enjoy shopping via short-form video. We predict an increase in creators selling directly through their content on short-form videos.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more powerful now than ever; and will continue to evolve and improve over time which is good news for creators. AI can help you produce content at a faster rate, leaving you with time to focus on other aspects of your business, such as: developing and increasing your brand, developing a plan to increase your audience, and enjoy your hobbies.

Augmented Reality (AR) is another important tool for creators looking to stand out and market their brand. AR lets creators enhance their videos with real-time 3D masks and effects. Face-tracking algorithms scan users’ appearances on camera and match virtual objects to them. For gamer creators AR gives you the ability to “be in the game” and enhance your experience as you comment and play at the same time.

Brands are using AR to boost product sales on social networks. With the help of AR, shoppers can try on glasses, lipstick and even clothing before they buy. You can even view how a piece of furniture will look in your home before you commit to it. As a creator you can implement these same options as you describe the product that moves you. Remember, statistics show that using filters in your videos can quadruple the engagement time.

These are a few of the trends we see coming in 2023. If you don’t know where to start, start here. Semaphore Brand Solutions is always on the lookout for new, exciting creators; and you might be one of them. We would love to chat with you about your brand!

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