Financial Services.
New Media Growth.

Brands. Businesses. Content Creators.

We’re a financial services company and social media consultant. We help small businesses and brands grow.

Our expertise is New Media. Assisting influencers find new branding, syndication, and licensing deals. We match companies and influencers to promote products and services and increase brand awareness.

Brand Integration


Integrating Influencers and Brands. We help both. 

Our brand development team categorizes our creators by their expertise. It allows us to pursue opportunities for them, and offers brands a single source to find talent that meets their needs.

YouTube Video Syndication


We help creators monetize their YouTube videos on Facebook. Our in-house team edits individual videos to match Facebook’s technical requirements and algorithms.  There are no long-term contracts and you retain full ownership of all the work.



Retail/Merchandising/Product Branding


Partnering brands and creators. We identify and engage clients in manufacturing, retail, and product branding opportunities. These long-term revenue sources require no up-front costs, are managed internally, and provide access to a new revenue source and audience.



We offer a diverse portfolio of financial services. Including tax, accounting, and insurance. Our focus is client management. It enables us to provide services that are tailored to your specific needs.

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