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Semaphore® is a family of companies built on a commitment to provide concierge-level service to every client. While our roots are in tax and finance, we didn’t stop there. At the dawn of the YouTube age in 2009, Semaphore® began working with up-and-coming Influencers. Our clients had dreams to not only turn hobbies into legitimate businesses; they wanted to build media empires. Through our team’s savvy financial leadership and guidance, a multi-billion-dollar industry, now known as the creator economy, was born. The Semaphore® Family of Companies was a significant catalyst to this growth.


Leading the way

As the new media industry grew and more Influencers rose to fame, so did Semaphore®. Over time, Semaphore® became the industry leader in Influencer financial and business management.

Today, Semaphore® is much more than simply tax and accounting. Since 2014, we’ve added talent and brand management to our growing family of companies. Our portfolio of clients boasts more than $300,000,000 in annual revenue, and we have helped countless Influencers build generational wealth through lucrative brand partnerships, licensing deals and strategic syndication strategies.

A different partnership

While helping Influencers retain and build financial wealth remains at the core of what we do, it’s who we are that truly sets Semaphore® apart. Our full-time expert staff of financial and business professionals make it their personal mission to integrate into every facet of our Influencer clients’ businesses year-round. This doesn’t happen with the occasional check-ins and emails most other financial services firms offer. At Semaphore®, our team prides itself on being the most sought-after Influencer business partner in the industry. After all, building in-depth relationships with each Influencer client that spans the highs and lows of each new media cycle isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are. Only Semaphore®.

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mike bienstock headshot
Mike Bienstock

CEO, Co-Founder
Semaphore Tax and Business Solutions

nate higgins headshot
Nate Higgins

CFO, Co-Founder
Semaphore Tax and Business Solutions

Chad Cooper

Client Success Manager
Semaphore Tax and Business Solutions

Danny Truong headshot
Danny Truong

Accountant Supervisor
Semaphore Tax and Business Solutions

you joo lee headshot
Youn Joo Lee

Senior Accountant Supervisor
Semaphore Tax and Business Solutions

scott macdonald headshot
Scott MacDonald

Semaphore Premier Licensing

Ryan Mendoza

Personal Lines Manager
Semaphore Insurance Solutions

Gina Bienstock

Commercial Lines Manager
Semaphore Insurance Solutions

Michael Davis

Tax Supervisor
Semaphore Tax and Business Solutions