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Your Ultimate Guide to a Fractional CFO
When it comes to financial services, one little mistake can be a big deal. Here’s how to avoid costly mistakes while growing your business — with outside help. Nearly every business owner has wondered when to hire internally and when to outsource externally.  While you are the only one who can focus on keeping your […]
Influencer Inferno – How Content Creators Can Combat Burnout
With the rise of social media, everyone and their mother seems to be a creator. But you’re a pro. So, unlike mom, you can’t take days off to play in the park with the kids or go to the mall. The demand for your content never ends. Make no mistake, creating content is a wonderful […]
The Only Working-From-Home Tax Deduction Tips You Need
Since 2020, working from home has become all the rage. Here’s how to capitalize on using your space to receive a tax break. Working from home has likely never been as ‘en vogue’ as it is today. 2020 made it a necessity, 2021 made it a priority. Now, as we work our way through 2022, […]
2022 Taxes for Small Businesses: A Guide on What to Expect
Many small businesses are still struggling to fully recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, for roughly 63% of small businesses, their revenue is still lower than it was in 2019. This means that for the majority of small businesses and freelancers, operating efficiently is vital to get back to where they were before the […]
Steps You Need to Take After Setting Up Your LLC
The day has finally arrived. After all your hard work, your life as a small business owner has officially begun. Well, at least in the eyes of the government. You’ve filed the paperwork for your LLC. But filing your LLC paperwork is just the first step. Now the real work begins. To set you and […]
10 Signs Your Business Needs Help Managing Money
Delegating Your Finances is Vital to Your Growth — and Your Sanity Running a small business is hard. Running a small business and staying organized? Well, it’s nearly impossible. There are countless tasks to finish, decisions to make, and problems to solve every day. While your current processes may make you feel like you are […]
Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC vs. Corporation
Which Business Type Is Right For You?   Make no mistake, it’s a fantastic time to start a new business. With more of us spending more time at home than ever, turning that side hustle into your primary source of income can be the realization of your wildest dreams.   While passion for products or services drives […]
What is QBI and Who Can Claim It?
Your Ultimate Guide to Qualified Business Income If you’re a small business owner, saving money is your primary goal. There are two main reasons business owners like to save money: To put money in their own pockets or reinvest and grow. But an often-overlooked strategy for saving money is the Qualified Business Income (QBI) tax […]