Premier Licensing


Licensing Provides A Mutually Beneficial Financial Opportunity For Creators And Brands

Our creators work with top designers and manufacturers to develop authentic and quality products that truly represent their brand, sold directly from the shelves of the largest retailers in the country. Manufacturers and retailers can reach beyond traditional properties to strategically leverage the power of social media and create products from massively popular digital stars.

For Creators (Licensors)

Create a comprehensive retail licensing strategy based on your brand. Manage product development, with an emphasis on quality and authenticity. Identify and secure merchandise and retail licensing partners.

For Brands (Licensees)

Secure the top creators in any product category. Determine which creators will most successfully convert audiences into product sales. Work directly with creators from design and development through product promotion.

We proudly work with some of the most recognized brands in the world, and work diligently to match our extensive portfolio of creators with them to deliver content that drives results.

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