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Youtube Shorts, How to Leverage Them
Introduction Have you ever had a teacher tell you to pay attention? My grandmother used to say, “You have the attention span of a goldfish.” To which I would generally reply, “Sorry? I wasn’t paying attention.” Well, turns out, grandma wasn’t far off. A goldfish’s attention span is roughly nine seconds. In a study by […]
Business Scams – A Learning Series – Lesson 2: Business Directory Scams
INTRODUCTION In 1886,  The Chicago Telephone Company hired Reuben H. Donnelley, a publisher, to publish telephone directories.   He published a residential telephone directory that listed individuals alphabetically. He also published a business telephone directory which listed business by category. To make it stand out from the personal directory, the business directory was printed on yellow […]
Business Scams – A Learning Series – Lesson 1: Text Scams
INTRODUCTION Small business owners work hard. So do scammers. The FBI reports a 65% increase in losses due to scams since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With everyone at home, scammers took the opportunity to level up the playing field and increase the hunt for unprotected businesses. Businesses are now more at risk than […]
Leveraging NFTs for Small Businesses
Introduction If you’ve been hearing a lot about NFT’s recently and have no idea what they are – you’re not alone. NFT’s are everywhere. From exchange sites like OpenSea and Magic Eden, to the local taco shop, NFT’s are sparking the imagination of entrepreneurs around the world due to the endless opportunities they provide to […]
Your Ultimate Guide to a Fractional CFO
When it comes to financial services, one little mistake can be a big deal. Here’s how to avoid costly mistakes while growing your business — with outside help. Nearly every business owner has wondered when to hire internally and when to outsource externally.  While you are the only one who can focus on keeping your […]
Steps You Need to Take After Setting Up Your LLC
The day has finally arrived. After all your hard work, your life as a small business owner has officially begun. Well, at least in the eyes of the government. You’ve filed the paperwork for your LLC. But filing your LLC paperwork is just the first step. Now the real work begins. To set you and […]
10 Signs Your Business Needs Help Managing Money
Delegating Your Finances is Vital to Your Growth — and Your Sanity Running a small business is hard. Running a small business and staying organized? Well, it’s nearly impossible. There are countless tasks to finish, decisions to make, and problems to solve every day. While your current processes may make you feel like you are […]
Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC vs. Corporation
Which Business Type Is Right For You?   Make no mistake, it’s a fantastic time to start a new business. With more of us spending more time at home than ever, turning that side hustle into your primary source of income can be the realization of your wildest dreams.   While passion for products or services drives […]
5 Things Youtubers Shouldn’t Forget To Deduct In Tax Season
In the YouTube/new media world, owning your own business has taken on a totally different shape. As a creator, everywhere you go and everything you do could potentially be related to your business. That’s why it’s super important to keep track of your expenses because, come tax time, deductions are your friends! Here are 5 […]