Brand Solutions

Brand Integration

We provide access to creators and influencers who have built an emotional connection with their followers. Based on that strong foundation, our esteemed brand-side clients value our extensive roster of talent to promote their brand, highlight new product launches, open new locations and boost revenue. 

To optimize those relationships, we facilitate direct and effective communication between brand and talent. Our team packages and manages all relevant details in order to help both parties make an informed decision about participation in appropriate campaigns. Those details include budget, creative brief and talking points, launch date, and collaborative feedback.

Contract Administration

Once negotiations are complete, our experienced legal team drafts each contract with the brand to ensure all pertinent issues are covered. A master agreement and simple term sheet are then signed for each deal. You’ll have the comfort of knowing you’re dealing with a single, known party.


We proudly work with some of the most recognized brands in the world, and work diligently to match our extensive portfolio of creators with them to deliver content that drives results.

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